Beginners Programme


The following will give you an idea of what you will be learning in the two week induction course.


On arrival, you will be requested to fill in a registration form and pay the starting fee if you have not already done so earlier, in person or online.

Note Please bring the relevant fees in cash only! There are no facilities for handling card payments at the dojo.

- Please wear a long sleeved top and tracksuit bottoms.
- No zips/buttons are allowed as this may cause injury to you and/or rip the judo mat.
- You will also be practising bare footed. Please make sure your fingernails and toenails are cut short to prevent injury.

So what will happen?

We will start the session with a formal bow and then break into exercises and games. This is known as a warm-up.

You will then be taken to one side (separate from the main judo class) and you will be briefed on what judo is, its traditions and formalities. The first thing you will be taught is ‘breakfalls’. This is a special form of falling as it breaks your fall (hence the term break-fall). As judo requires lots of throwing techniques, one must know how to fall properly and safely!

There are five basic breakfalls that you will need to learn: left, right, back, forwards and rolling. Once you have perfected the breakfalls, you will be taught how to take hold of your opponent and how to break your opponents balance. This will be explained in detail.

You will then be shown a judo throw and a judo hold-down. You will then rejoin the class for a warming down exercises and judo games.

What will I do in the second lesson?

You will repeat all of the above and be introduced to uchi-komi training (this is repetition of attack). You will learn a new judo throw, a new hold-down and you will have your first free fight (randori).

We look forward to seeing you and
hope you enjoy what judo has to offer.


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