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    Sampson Sampson 8th Dan - Chief InstructorSampson Sampson 

    Sampson Sampson took up judo at the age of 14 at the Sobell Judo Club soon after its founding in 1973. He achieved his 1st dan within a year and by the time he turned 16 he was promoted to 3rd dan. This was recognised by all as an outstanding achievement in such a short space of time. He demonstrated outstanding ability and understanding of judo passing many tests and challenges. Sampson is amongst the youngest few judoka to achieve 3rd Dan in the world.

    Remaining loyal to the traditional Kodokan judo values throughout his career, Sampson like many rejected the elitism in judo sport imposed by the IJF (International Judo Federation - the IOC recognised international governing body for judo sport)and continued to advance his judo under the BJC (British Judo Council - founded by Kenshiro Abe) until December 2010. Together with his training partner at the time, Simon Mozzullo, they were the Kata champions of the BJC for almost 20 years. Sampson, achieved his 5th dan in 1992 at 31 years of age, was awarded the rank of 6th dan by the BJC in 2005. He has competed at many national and international Judo competitions throughout his career always aspiring to demonstrate the merits and the true values of traditional judo.

    He has been teaching judo at the Sobell Judo club since the early days of the club. He has further continued to teach at national and international courses and seminars accumulating a wealth of judo knowledge through the years. His adherence to traditional values of judo as a non-elitist educational system inspired him to form a new organisation for judo.

    In January 2011, Sampson, founded the JFAUK (Judo For All UK) that is now the recognised National Governing Body of traditional Kodokan judo in the UK. He continues to serve as the technical director for JFAUK and a leading member of the WJF (world Judo Federation) European Technical Committee.

    His technical knowledge and mastery of judo and his contribution to the development of judo at an international level was recently recognised by the world Judo Federation. On November 3, 2013, at the European Traditional Judo Championships held in Milan - Italy, the WJF awarded the rank of Hanshi dan (8th dan) to Sampson Sampson.

    As well as holding the grade of 8th Dan in Judo (red and white belt), Sampson has achieved 3rd dan in Jujitsu, 2nd dan in Kendo, 1st dan in Aikido and 1st dan in Shotokan Karate.


    Bob Bushnell 5th Dan - Senior Instructor

    Bob Bushnell

    Bob Bushnell, has been practising Judo for over 30 years and holds the grade of 4th Dan (black belt).

    As club secretary, Bob manages the club and is responsible for taking on all beginners through the induction program. He has the task of working tirelessly with lower grades to strengthen their foundation and helping them with their grading syllabus. Bob is the chairman of the Sobell Judo Club Friends and Family Associationand continues as a leading member of the management committee of JEF (Judo Education Fund) a charitable organisation established independently to help fund judo educational projects.

    Bob is a founding member of JFAUK and currently serves as its chairman.


    Farid Namouchi 5th Dan - Senior Instructor

    Farid Namouchi

    A former national and international champion of Algeria, Farid has been appointed as a senior instructor at the Sobell Judo Club joining a dedicated team of instructors under direct supervision of our chief instructor, Sampson Sampson. He continues to teach the senior classes at the club.

    Farid is highly regarded by the JFAUK and is currently serving as a national coach for the organisation.


    Samuel Betu 5th Dan - Senior Instructor

    Samuel Betu

    A former national and international competitor, Samuel has accumulated extensive experience in judo training and competition. He been a student member of the club for 20 years and teaching judo at the sobell judo club for the last 10 years. Samuel is a senior instructor teaching junior sessions and assists in the senior sessions.

    Since the founding of the JFAUK, Samuel has actively lead the Refereeing Committee of JFAUK and participated in all seminars and discussion of WJF European Refereeing Committee.

    As an national and international referee he currently serves as Head of Refereeing for JFAUK. 


    Our Growing Team of Instructors

    We are very proud of our team of instructors who continue to serve judo and advance their own educational skills. The senior instructors at the Sobell Judo Club are assisted by other qualified and up and coming instructors: 

    • Elena Del Pozo - 2nd Dan;
    • Sam Sampson - 2nd Dan;
    • Sam Charalambous - 1st Dan;
    • Diane Sparks - 1 kyu;
    • Fahd Dlalah - 1 Kyu;
    • Nima Akbari - 1 Kyu;
    • Arman Akbari - 2 Kyu;
    • more...

    All our instructors and assistants are CRB checked (with enhanced disclosure), follow JFAUK's child and vulnerable adults protection policy, fully qualified instructors level 1, 2 and 3, and hold First Aid certification.

    The Sobell Judo Club is fully insured and registered with the JFAUK (Judo For All UK - The NGB of Traditional Kodokan Judo in the UK). Sobell Judo Club is a member of the WJF (World Judo Federation) and is affiliated with the FMA (Federation of Martial Arts - in the UK).

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