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Tuesday, 06 November 2018 10:18

International 5th for Caterina

A big congratulations to Caterina Puntillo who competed in her first international tournament this weekend. Caterina, who now trains at the Sobell Judo Club, London, travelled to Italy to compete in the 2018 Trofeo Sankaku International tournament, eventually coming away with a 5th place. A great result for her first big event. Congratulations!

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Sunday, 10 June 2018 21:07

All England Ne-Waza

Well done to the Sobell team for heading to the AEJF National Ne-Waza Championships today in Hornchurch.

Zeynep smashed it as usual, taking away a gold.

Sacha fought remarkably hard, battling through controversial penalties and having a re-run of his pool due to even points before taking Silver due to a decision in a close fought final against an opponent he had previously beaten.

Sam was also unlucky, eventually taking a silver in the dan grade middle weight & Open, losing due to very controversial penalties against him - despite attempting to re-run one of the fights to remove controversy (referee’s agreed but his opponent declined).

Mikey fought extremely hard, taking bronze in both the dan grade middleweight & open.

These things happen and it’s all a learning process!

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 18:05

International Champions!

Amazing work from Sobell judoka at last weekends WJF Miyazaki International Cup in Greece.

Alexis Bardini came away with a silver medal in the men’s -75kg, Hannah Chesham took a gold in the ladies -70kg and a second gold in the ladies open, Sam Charalambous took a gold in the men’s -79kg and a Silver in the men’s open, and Sam Sampson took gold in the men’s -83kg.

Great work from the team supported by Sobell coaches Samuel Betu, WJF International Referee and Sampson Sampson, Chairman of WJF Referee Committee and vice chairman of the WJF technical committee.

Full write up from JFAUK:

Ross Elliot started the day and took the men’s -99kg category by storm, overcoming a large pool of Greek judoka before meeting a Bulgarian in the final. Ross kept his composure and came through the final with positive judo to take home the gold medal.

Alexis Bardini and Oli Relton were up next in the men’s -75kg category. The two started the category at opposite ends of the pool before eventually meeting in the final with Oli taking home the gold and Alexis taking silver.

Sam Charalambous took to the tatami next in the men’s -79kg, making a last minute decision to fight up a weight in order to avoid his team mates. Sam utilised beautiful technical judo before meeting a Greek dan grade and experienced Jiu Jitsu practitioner in the final. Sam represented judo well, proving once again that upright judo prevails and took home the gold for JFAUK.

Next, Sam Sampson returned to the men’s -83kg category for the first time since 2015. Sam too worked his way through his category before meeting a Greek judoka who was also an experienced Jiu Jitsu practitioner, deciding to take him to the ground and show the strength of JFAUK’s ne-waza by holding him down for ippon.

Hannah Chesham was representing the JFAUK girls today in the women’s -70kg category, managing to bring home the gold for JFAUK.

Unfortunately, Jason Baird in the veterans men’s -71kg had a difficult day, sustaining a head injury in the first round. He bravely fought on, however had to withdraw in his second fight after having problems with his eyesight.

To finish the day the open categories were held. Hannah Chesham bulldozed through her opponents to take home the gold.

Alexis Bardini, Sam Charalambous and Oli Relton entered the men’s open. Alexis unfortunately fell short in the first round to the Bulgarian coach. Sam Charalambous then took on a Bulgarian judoka with a weight advantage of 40kg. However, Sam was unfazed, threw him with a Wazari and later used shime-waza to collect the ippon win. Oli Relton stepped up next, again taking on a Greek judoka with a weight difference of 30kg, also using shime-waza to gain the ippon. Sam and Oli made the same progress in the rest of their fights before facing one another in the final. Oli gained the advantage this time and brought home his second gold of the day.

A superb display of judo by team JFAUK, congratulations to all!

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Congratulations to all of our judoka who took part in the London Open International on Sunday 4th March 2018. Sobell produced a superb display of judo and managed to come away with a huge medal haul!
Full write up from JFAUK
Congratulations to all who took part in the JFAUK London Open which took place on Sunday 4th March 2018. With judoka in attendance from many clubs and organisations across the U.K., Belgium and Denmark, this year marks the first time it has become an international event. With constant growth, this competition is surely cementing itself in many diaries as a must attend event each year.
We aim to continue to growing the event year on year to provide more judoka with a platform to further their competitive development and expose themselves to as many new opponents as possible - both domestic and international. With the recent closure of a number of events across the U.K. judo scene, including the recent closure of the prestigious Southend International, we hope that as this event grows, more judoka will consider this as a suitable alternative to events that once filled their yearly schedule.
Further to this, we are proud that numerous coaches, parents and judoka commented on how refreshing it was to see leg grabs, traditional techniques and a strong encouragement of ne-waza in competition! With comments like these, we are continually motivated that our provision of a traditional ruleset is not only justified, but welcomed by the judo community.
Thank you to all who took part in this event, especially all officials who made this event possible. We cannot wait for the next one.
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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 11:38

End of Year Breakdown

As the end of the year approaches, we take a look back at the successes of our Club throughout 2017. Below is a quick breakdown of what our members got up to throughout the year. Of course, these points do not even get close to demonstrating how hard each and every one of our members have worked. We would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support, effort and passion at the Sobell Judo Club. This year has been truly monumental in the growth of our club. Not only in numbers, but in the quality of judo produced by each and every one of you. Thank you once again.

Next year we celebrate 45 years since our founding and we promise that it will be even bigger and better. Have a superb Christmas and a fantastic new year!

• Sobell Members start the year by storming the podium at the JFAUK London Open.

• 3 judoka travel to Essex for the AEJF ‘Back to the Future Championships’ with Sam Sampson and Karl Summerbell taking Gold, and Sam Charalambous taking silver.

• Members of Sobell travel with the JFAUK team to the Miyazaki Cup in Greece with Sam Charalambous taking Gold and Sam Sampson and Alexis Bardidni taking Silver.

• Sobell travel to Sussex to take part in the Worthing Championships with Gold from Saad and Andreas, a Silver from Mikey and Bronzes from Belarmino, Finn,Elyes, Maciek and Karl.

• Sobell come away with an enormous medal haul from the Kenshiro Abbe Cup in London.

• Phillip Bloom, Sam Sampson and Sam Charalambous travel to Latvia to compete in the CSIT World Sport Games. Sam Charalambous comes away with the Bronze, Sam Sampson finished 5th and Phillip Bloom finished 7th.

• The Sobell Dojo moves from its original dojo of 44 years to a bigger dojo downstairs as a reflection of our growth.

• Sobell Members travel to Greece to take part in the Matsuura international Cup. Sam Sampson, Karl Summerbell, Alexis Bardini and Hannnah Chesham take gold. Sam Charalambous, Lucia Pascali, and Alex Charalambous take Silver.

• Phillip Bloom finishes 3rd in the 2017 Maccabiah Games held in Isreal.

• Sobell return to Sussex for the JFAUK Worthing Summer School. Farid Nemouchi is awarded his 6th Dan for his contribution to judo.

• Sobell return to Essex to compete in the All England Ne-Waza Championships. Sampson and Fionn Rowan take Gold, Mikey Barton, Elyes Rugby and Pedro Carhillo take Bronze.

• Sobell takes a large medal count at the JFAUK National Championships.

• Bob Bushnell and Samuel Betu are awarded their 6th Dans due to their ongoing contribution to judo and the community.

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Saturday, 25 November 2017 22:09

6th Dan Promotions!

We are pleased to announce that three of our very own instructors have been promoted to 6th Dan. Farid Nemouchi, Bob Bushnell and Samuel Betu are now proud holders of a 6th Dan due to their ongoing contributions to judo. Full write up below.

We would also like to congratulate all of our other high grades (blue - brown belts) who were also recently promoted at the recent grading at Sobell Judo Club, and we congratulate you for demonstrating fantastic judo during your contests.

We would also like to congratulate Geert Engels on his promotion to 2nd dan. Geert has been a longstanding member of the judo community and has recently undertaken roles teaching the younger classes as well as roles as an event official and referee. Congratulations on passing your examination!

Full write up from JFAUK:

JFAUK is pleased to announce the promotions of two officers to 6th Dan. At the recent Dan grading hosted at the Sobell Judo Club, JFAUK President Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) awarded Bob Bushnell and Samuel Betu their grades of 6th Dan. Bob and Samuel have been students of judo for over 30 years and this promotion recognises their journey as judoka and their role as key members of the judo community.

Bob initially started judo in Hertfordshire before moving the Sobell Judo Club during its early years. Bob quickly became instrumental in the running of the Sobell Judo club and its service to the community, assisting with teaching of hundreds of judoka throughout the years as well as running countless events for the judo community as a whole. Bob has continuously been an integral piece of judo in the UK and more recently, across the globe as part of the WJF. Samuel Betu first began judo in Congo, and soon transitioned into a major competitor on the international circuit before becoming an individual focused on preserving traditional judo and inspiring young judoka across the globe.

Bob and Samuel have been undeniably fundamental to the success of JFAUK due to their countless hours of hard work both on and off the tatami. When JFAUK was first formed in 2010, Bob and Samuel played their roles as founding members by taking an active role in the establishment of the organisation, regularly travelling across Europe to meet and work with the officials of the World Judo Federation to cement JFAUK as the national governing body for traditional judo in the UK. The pair also tirelessly worked alongside the European high grades to establish the contest rules and policies that underpin what Judo For all UK and the World Judo Federation stand for.

Since then, both have been working continuously in the name of judo. Bob Bushnell has maintained his key role within the UK, keeping JFAUK running smoothly and helping to grow the organisation. Further to this, he has continued to serve the judo community through his services as a coach in the London and Hertfordshire areas. Samuel has continued his international duties, regularly travelling to WJF competitions to play his role as an international referee and member of the WJF Technical Committee as well as volunteering with the Kalithea drug rehabilitation program established by JFAGR in Greece, which uses Judo as a proactive tool in the rehabilitation of disadvantaged citizens.

This follows on from the recent promotion of JFAUK’s National Coach Farid Nemouchi, who was promoted to 6th dan at the JFAUK Worthing Summer School. Farid has been a student for close to 40 years and was a major international competitor during his career, however, is now a key part of the preservation of traditional judo. Farid has been a fundamental officer of JFAUK who has poured his heart and soul into the organisation since its founding. Farid has tirelessly travelled across the UK teaching, coaching and most importantly inspiring judoka all over the country, as well as playing a major role as a referee for all JFAUK events. Farid has continuously supported JFAUK and has played a key role in the growth of our competitive judoka and their ongoing accomplishments abroad. It can safely be said that without his input, our national team would have not been as successful as they are. Further to this, he has had a large role in supporting the technical committee, assisting to establish the JFAUK curriculum and overall technical excellence of the organisation.

JFAUK is an organisation that takes note of each and every one of its members, and ensures that every persons input is recognised and suitably rewarded. These promotions recognise the countless hours of hard work these officers have not only put into the organisation, but to judo as a martial art. Whilst much of this work is behind the scenes and goes unseen to the large majority of the public, we cannot think of more deserving judoka to receive these awards. Congratulations to Farid, Bob and Samuel and we thank you for your dedication to judo.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 22:54

National Medals for Sobell

A huge congratulations goes to everybody who took part in the JFAUK National Championships last Sunday. All of you truly represented the club well and we couldn't be prouder of you. We had judoka competing across the primary, junior and senior categories with each judoka obtaining a medal. Here is a quick snap of our senior team post-medal ceremony! View the photos here
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 20:09

Medals for Sobell!

Congratulations to the Sobell boys who recently competed at the All England Ne-Waza Championships! They travelled up to Hutton in Essex today to try their luck. Gold medals went to Finn Rowan in the Kyu -73kg and Sam Sampson in the Dan -90kg. Bronze Medals went to Pedro and Elyes in the Kyu -66kg and a Bronze went to Mikey in the Dan -90kg category. Well done to all!
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Monday, 13 March 2017 18:23

JFAUK Randori Session

29th January saw the first JFAUK Open Randori of the year take place!

The event saw a number of judoka, from a variety of different organisations meet, and train together for 3 hours of quality randori.

These open randoris aim to be held every few months, enabling judoka a regular opportunity to train and integrate with others from outside their club, whilst getting a high quality judo session at the same time.

These sessions are open to all judoka regardless of organisation as long as they have a valid licence.

Keep your eyes on the JFAUK Facebook Page to find out when the next one is!

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Tuesday, 01 December 2015 15:37

Gold for Sam Charalambous!

Samuel Charalambous shows us exactly why he's a national medalist once again by taking a Gold medal at the AJA Midlands Championships. Sam ventured to the competition alone and worked his way through the category with great skill. He distaptched his openents with beautiful, clean ippon throws. You can check out some clips of his fights by clicking here
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