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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 10:42

3rd Dan for Elena Del Pozo

An enormous congratulations goes to Elena Del Pozo who was recently awarded her 3rd Dan black belt. 
Last August at the JFAUK National Summer School, held in Worthing, Sussex, Elena was awarded her Sandan as a recognition of her ever-growing skill, technical excellence and holistic understanding of Judo as a martial art. Elena started at the Sobell in 2006 and has since continued to grow into one of our strongest and most knowledgeable judoka. An exemplary example to all, Elena has become a proficient coach, regularly taking our Primary classes as well as playing a key role in inducting our beginner judoka across all age classes. We are extremely proud that Elena’s judo skill has been recognised and we are extremely happy to see her receive a commendation of her life’s work in judo. Thank you for your dedication and thank you for being a role model to all, especially to all of our female students. Congratulations again. 
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Monday, 03 October 2016 09:17

Medal Haul at Groundwork competition!

Sobell Judoka recently took part in the JFAUK Ne-Waza competition and certainly represented us well. Across the day Sobell truly dominated the competition winning a total of 44 Medals!


Victor – Gold
Sascha – Gold
James – Gold
Hannah – Gold
Sampson – Gold
Lucia – Silver
Alexis – Silver
Finn – Silver
Nathan – Bronze
Mickey - Bronze
Karl – 4th
Arsene – 4th

Timmy – Gold
Alex – Gold
Isaac – Gold
Mary – Gold
George – Gold
Arthur – Gold
Bert – Gold
Molly – Gold
Jakob – Silver
Sonny – Silver
Jerome – Silver
William – Silver
Ruben – Silver
Ethan – Silver
Imogen –Silver
DJamal – Silver
Rocco - Silver
Jack – Bronze
Yacoub – Bronze
Younes – Bronze
Yakub – Bronze
Gaia – Bronze
Teo – Bronze
Tasha – Bronze
Katherine – Bronze
Antoine –Bronze
Pierre – 4th
Sandro – 4th
Boris – 4th
Jeremah – 4th
Finn – 4th
Hugh – 4th

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