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Monday, 08 April 2019 12:57

National medal for Sam

Sam Sampson recently travelled to Cyprus to take part in the 2019 Cypriot Senior National Championships. Taking on the -81kg category, Sam faced a tough category of 18 judoka, each vying for the national title.

To start the day, Sam took on the #3 ranked judoka in Cyprus, eventually taking him down to score Ippon (maximum score) and advance into the second round. Moving into the second round, Sam found himself against the #2 ranked judoka and unfortunately a reckless move handed him a loss, and pushed him into the repechage. Making his way through the repechage, Sam later found himself up against yet another member of the Cypriot team however made short work of his opponent with a highlight reel foot sweep. Finally, Sam found himself in the repechage final and had a bronze medal within reach. A tough final saw him face off against a quick footed opponent however a strong counter technique earned Sam the bronze medal at his maiden Pancyprian championships.

With this result, Sam officially qualifies for the Cypriot National Judo team and follows in the footsteps of his father and the many other judoka who have trained at the Sobell Judo Club whilst bearing the Cypriot flag; including Ioannis Kouyialis a dynamic judoka who represented Cyprus at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 12:13

International Success in Greece

Judoka the Sobell Judo Club recently travelled with team JFAUK to the 2019 Miyazaki Cup held in Thessaloniki, Greece. 
Held annually, the event daws a plethora of European Judoka from the U.K, Greece, Bulgaria, Algeria and Macedonia amongst other countries. Differing from mainstream judo events, this event is run under a traditional rule set meaning that leg grab techniques are permitted and lots of emphasis is placed on ne-waza groundwork fighting. 
This year, Sobell achieved 1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals. Silver medals came from Sam Sampson (-83kg), Fionn Rowan (-71kg), Alex Charalambous (-66kg), Sasha McClean (-91kg) and bronze medals were achieved by Lucian Buleandra (-79kg), Mikey Barton (-91kg) and Hannah Chesham (-78kg). Finishing the day was a gold medal from Sam Sampson who entered the open-weight category and came away with first place, despite facing Judoka nearly twice his size! 
Also attending was Alexis Bardini (-75kg) and Karl Summerbell, a para-athlete who entered the able bodied category (-71kg). However, tough draws saw these judoka exit the tournament in the opening rounds. Regardless, both fought extremely well and have gained valuable experience for their next event. Also with the team was judoka from Club Judoka in Worthing and Dundee Ippon Judo Club in Scotland. 
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Monday, 26 November 2018 10:35

Medal haul from Sobell

Members of the Sobell Judo Club, London, travelled to the All England Fred Turner Memorial Championships last weekend and dominated the podiums to come away with an incredible 10 medals. 

The group of islington judoka put on a strong performance dominating all categories with fantastic standing and groundwork techniques to win via throws, pins, armlocks and strangles.
Medals came from: Lucien Buleandra (-90kg Gold), Maceij Moczynski (-73kg Gold), Caterina Puntillo (-57kg Gold), Alex Charalambous (-66kg Gold), Ilyas Moldoshev (-90kg Silver), Zeynep Sun (-78kg Silver), Karl Summerbell (-66kg Bronze), Mikey Barton (-81kg Bronze & Openweight Silver), Jack Fairbairn (-73kg Bronze). The team were led by Sam Sampson, who spent the day coaching the team throughout their fights. 

Starting the day was Magic Maceij in the Kyu grade -73kg category. Maceij was not fazed by the aggression of his opponents and opened up the day for Sobell with an enormous Ippon Seoi Nage / Kata Guruma combination. Moving into his next fight Maceij followed form and used effective gripping strategies to set up another big ippon seoi nage to take gold.

Next up the Zeynep in the -78kg and Caterina in the -57kg took to the tatami. Caterina started her contest scoring a quick wazari with a drop seoi nage. Shortly after, she scored a clean Osoto Gari to finish her category and take gold. In an effort to get more fights, Caterina entered the ladies open and used quick ne-waza to defeat her heavyweight opponent than her with effective ne-waza to score ippon. Unfortunately, following that win, the other ladies withdrew from the contest leaving Caterina with a thirst for more fights, which will have to be quenched another day.

Sobell’s Zeynep took on her first opponent and throughout a rough exchange unfortunately fell short to a wazari which cost her her opening fight. However, determined to make up for it she went after her next opponent with force and executed shime-waza to score ippon. In the final standings, Zeynep actually came out on top as a result of points however a clerical error on the sheet meant Zeynep had to settle for a silver medal on the podium, but a gold medal in principle. 

Karl Summerbell and Alex Charalambous were up next in the men’s -66kg category. Karl faced tough opening fights and despite putting up a good fight and nearly catching his opponents, unfortunately had to walk away with a bronze medal in hand. Alex Charalambous however was certainly hungry for Ippons, producing some of the best throws of the day, bulldozing through his opponents to top the podium and come away with Gold. 

Lucien and Ilyas took to the tatami in the men’s Kyu -81/-90kg amalgamated categories. Lucien opened up the contest with a strong showing of Ashi-waza, executing clean Uchi matas to make his way into the final. Ilyas followed similar form, despite only training judo for a few months, and used both tachi-waza and shime-waza to create an all-Sobell final between the two clubmates. In this case, experience proved to be the deciding factor as Lucien claimed gold and Ilyas claimed silver. 

Mikey Barton stepped up shortly after and took on a tough category of experienced dan grades in the Mens middleweight Open. Starting his contest well against a strong opponent, Mikey scored a Yuko in the opening exchange, nearly scoring an ippon in ne-waza. However, unfortunately succumbed to a wazari as a result of a Tomoe nage in the latter end of the fight. Mikey kept his heart strong in his following fights and each time was on the edge of securing the win, however his opponents used their experience in their favour, leaving Mikey with a well-fought bronze medal. However, still hungry for more, Mikey entered the men’s open at the end of the contest and this time scored a handful of ippons to bring home a silver medal.

Jack Fairbairn was sobell’s final judoka of the day in the men’s lower Kyu -73kg category. Jacks opening contest saw him face up against a blue belt and despite only training for 3 months, Jacks determination paid off as he scored two clean wazari‘s start of with a win, unfortunately two consecutive losses came next, however still eager, a final win saw him earn a bronze medal.

A superb performance by all who truly represented the club to a supremely high standard, with many compliments regarding Sobell’s judoka given. Also attending was Sam Sampson, who withdrew due to illness and instead focused on coaching and supporting the team.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018 13:10

Worthing Summer School 2018

This weekend a team of 33 Sobell Judoka travelled to the South coast to participate in the annual JFAUK Worthing Summer School, a two day judo course consisting of 14 hours of judo led by Sobell head coach and JFAUK President Sampson Sampson; and assisted by Sobell coaches Sayed Abdoljalil (7th Dan), Bob Bushnell (6th Dan), Farid Nemouchi (6th Dan) and Samuel Betu (6th Dan), as well as a number of other instructors. Well done to all who took the time to travel to the event! Read the full write up below:

This weekend saw the annual JFAUK Worthing Summer School take place. The second of the two annual JFAUK judo summer schools, the Worthing Summer School followed suit of the JFAUK Borders Summer school which took place a few weeks earlier, however covers southern region of the UK.

Jointly hosted by Worthing Judo Club and Club Judoka, the course saw a number of judoka from various places across the UK flock to the south coast for two days of high quality traditional judo.

The Summer School was an exemplary display of traditional judo in not only the techniques on display but in the conduct, etiquette and attitude of all on the tatami. With numbers on the rise since last year, the course is looking to go from strength the strength and is something that every judoka should be putting in their annual calendar as a place to share ideas, knowledge, meet fellow judoka and also a place to test their skills.

Led by JFAUK President and Vice Chairman of the WJF Technical Committee, Sampson Sampson (8th Dan), the first day began with a competitive focus, looking at how to break down an opponent who is facing you with a Kenka Yotsu (Asymmetrical Grip) stance. Sampson dissected tactics, looking at what hands to grip with first before showing a plethora of techniques such as multiple variations of Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi and Ippon Seoi Nage; all of which focused on clean technique, accurate positioning and of course, Kyushindo movement. Next up was Sayed Abdoljalil (7th Dan), a new member of the JFAUK team hailing from Iran. Sayed spent time looking at how movement and body position affected Kuzushi and the power of nage, emphasising true kyushindo movement and clean technique before it was time for lunch.

Following lunch, the second half of day one saw a series of Ne-Waza techniques on offer from Sampson, looking at the finer dynamics of rollovers and how quick transitions can be utilised to ensure that even if a technique fails, an ippon can still be achieved. Finally, the day was finished with a good amount of randori, giving the hoard of judoka a chance to test out their skills against one another in a friendly environment.

Day two was once again initiated by Sampson Sampson (8th Dan), who warmed up the eager students with a re-cap of day one, ensuring their aching bodies were well activated for a new day of judo. Sampson then spent time using the same principles of Kenka Yotsu and Kumi Kata strategy to showcase the effectiveness of Kata Guruma, an extremely well received technique which many of the visiting judoka had not practised in many years due to rule changes by their governing bodies. Of course, in JFAUK, most leg grabs are perfectly legal. Sampson looked at various entries and variations, as well as variations that comply with all rulesets, ensuring that even visiting judoka had something they could take away and use in their everyday practice. Next up was JFAUK National Coach Farid Nemouchi (6th Dan). Farid seamlessly followed on from Sampson’s techniques, showing even more ways to enter Kata Guruma and Ippon Seoi Nage based on the same Kenka Yotsu stance, emphasising disorientating twitches and explosive entry. Finally, JFAUK Head Referee Samuel Betu (6th Dan) showed his own variations of Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi, looking at combinations and varying entries, complimenting the techniques shown earlier.

Following lunch, the judoka were treated to a buffet of judo knowledge as a number of our high graded instructors took to the tatami to dish out their experience. First up was JFAUK Chairman Bob Bushnell (6th Dan) who woke up any tired judoka with some dynamic rollovers that utilised Shime Waza to break down uke’s defence. Next up was Farid Nemouchi who followed suit from Bob, showing a number of Shime-Waza focused rollovers. Following on, Sayed Abdojalil began to look at how to break down an opponents defence when placed in between the legs (dō-osae). Next, was JFAUK Southern Area Representative Chris Cooper (5th Dan) who also looked at rollover techniques, showing some extremely powerful strangles once again based on Kyushindo and circular movement for all judoka to add to their repertoire of techniques. Before passing over the teaching slot, Chris ended his session with a number of escapes from do-osae. Following on from Chris was Samuel Betu, who utilized similar techniques to Chris, re-emphasising the finer details of how to escape from dō-osae and transition into shime-waza. Finally, JFAUK International Referee Rob Elliot (5th Dan) showed a unique rollover technique based on Sangaku Jime which resulted in a neat Juji Gatame to finish off the days judo.

To conclude the course, a social BBQ took place on the Worting Seafront, giving all a chance to re-live the weekends judo and socialise before all headed their separate ways.

We would like to thank all who made the effort to attend this course and hope that each and every one of you enjoyed the weekend of judo. We would like to thank all instructors and officials who shared their ideas on the tatami. A special thank you goes to Chris Cooper and Ross Elliot who have been working together to grow traditional judo in the south coast and have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that this course was a success. Another thank you goes to all others who worked behind the scenes, also ensuring the success of this course.

All footage of the course will be released on Sampson Judo in due time, so please do keep your eyes on the channel.

We now look forward to the JFAUK National Invitation Championships which will be taking place in October before we end the year with some Open Randori Sessions.

View the photos here.

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Sunday, 10 June 2018 21:07

All England Ne-Waza

Well done to the Sobell team for heading to the AEJF National Ne-Waza Championships today in Hornchurch.

Zeynep smashed it as usual, taking away a gold.

Sacha fought remarkably hard, battling through controversial penalties and having a re-run of his pool due to even points before taking Silver due to a decision in a close fought final against an opponent he had previously beaten.

Sam was also unlucky, eventually taking a silver in the dan grade middle weight & Open, losing due to very controversial penalties against him - despite attempting to re-run one of the fights to remove controversy (referee’s agreed but his opponent declined).

Mikey fought extremely hard, taking bronze in both the dan grade middleweight & open.

These things happen and it’s all a learning process!

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Monday, 28 May 2018 19:14

Bulgarian Exchange 2018

Sobell Judoka, led by Sobell head coaches Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) and Bob Bushnell (6th Dan), recently travelled to Hertfordshire to take part in an international exchange with Bulgarian Judoka. Read the full write up below:


This weekend saw the long awaited exchange between JFAUK and Bulgaria take place. The U.K. and Bulgarian teams first met in Thessaloniki in 2014 at the Matsuura International Cup, which saw the teams face of against one another across various categories during the tournament. Since then, a strong friendship built on mutual respect has been formed due to the teams regular encounters with one another on the WJF international circuit. After much talking the Bulgarian team, led by Kayolan Kolev, was invited to the U.K. for a weekend of not only judo, but socialising and integration.

After arriving on Saturday night a welcome meal took place at a local restaurant in North London preparing the judoka for Sundays training Session.

On Sunday, Potters Bar Judo Club played host to the session, which saw both JFAUK Judoka, and other British judoka from different governing bodies travel to Hertfordshire to join our Bulgarian friends on the tatami. A 6 hour session focusing heavily on movement, set up and transitions in both tachi-waza and ne-waza took place, with many ideas being shared between the two international teams. Following from the days session a BBQ took place to give all judoka a chance to socialise with one another.

On Monday, although a training session was scheduled to take place, our guests decided that they would like to take the opportunity to visit central London as this was their first time in England. Therefore, they were taken on a a short but sweet tour of London led by JFAUK President Sampson Sampson and JFAUK Chairman Bob Bushnell.

Although the weekends exchange may be over, the relationship between JFAUK and Bulgaria is only just blossoming. The ideas, philosophies and training principles between the two nations are clearly aligned and although there may be competition between the two teams on the WJF international tatami, respect and friendship is the strong foundation on which this relationship has been built on. We look forward to seeing our friends in a few weeks time at the 2018 WJF European Championships in Greece, and look forward to the many more fruitful opportunities that will follow from this event, in particular a return visit to Bulgaria scheduled for next year.

Thank you to our guests for making the effort to visit us in the U.K. and thank you to all judoka, officials, friends and family who helped to accommodate our friends and give them a warm welcome.

View the Photos by clicking Here

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Sunday, 13 May 2018 10:59

Belgian Gold for Sam Sampson!

Sobell judoka Sam Sampson recently travelled to Belgium with the JFAUK team to take part in the 2018 Bilzen Open. Sam started the day for the team, taking on a dutch judoka in his first match. Despite the strength of the Nederlands born athlete, who used his aggression to try to intimidate Sam, Sam kept his composure and used his experience to first throw the Dutch athlete with an Ippon Seoi Otoshi to score a Wazari. Shortly after, Sam executed a clean Osoto Gari to gain his second Wazari and win the match. Next to face Sam was a British judoka who had travelled with a different team. Sam used the same composure to counter the British athlete with an Uchi Mata to score Ippon and win his second match. The final match for Sam was yet another Dutch judoka, however with a gold medal within reach, Sam used a Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi to take his opponent over and score an Ippon to take home the gold medal. A great display of judo!

Also competing was Ross Elliot and Adam Brown from Club Judoka in Worthing, with Ross taking home a gold and Adam taking home a silver.

Great work by all!

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Sunday, 13 May 2018 10:55

All England National Medals

Mixed day yesterday at the All England National Championships. Ross Elliot from Club Judoka began the day, after missing weight and finding himself in the +100kg category. He didn’t let the weight get to him and fought hard to make it to the final, however found himself taking a Silver after losing to a judoka 30kg heavier

Karl Summerbell took to the tatami next in the men’s -60kg. After unfortunately getting held down in his first fight, Karl’s next opponent withdrew due to injury, leaving him with a silver.

Sam Charalambous came up next in the men’s -73kg and was on fine form as usual, taking a gold.

Sam Sampson was the final judoka of the day however also missed weight and ended up in the -90kg category. Sam fought his way to the final, however a small mistake left him with the silver medal.

Congratulations to the boys who took the time to travel to Walsall to compete at this event, next time we hope to see more Sobell judoka step forward to compete.

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Congratulations to all of our judoka who took part in the London Open International on Sunday 4th March 2018. Sobell produced a superb display of judo and managed to come away with a huge medal haul!
Full write up from JFAUK
Congratulations to all who took part in the JFAUK London Open which took place on Sunday 4th March 2018. With judoka in attendance from many clubs and organisations across the U.K., Belgium and Denmark, this year marks the first time it has become an international event. With constant growth, this competition is surely cementing itself in many diaries as a must attend event each year.
We aim to continue to growing the event year on year to provide more judoka with a platform to further their competitive development and expose themselves to as many new opponents as possible - both domestic and international. With the recent closure of a number of events across the U.K. judo scene, including the recent closure of the prestigious Southend International, we hope that as this event grows, more judoka will consider this as a suitable alternative to events that once filled their yearly schedule.
Further to this, we are proud that numerous coaches, parents and judoka commented on how refreshing it was to see leg grabs, traditional techniques and a strong encouragement of ne-waza in competition! With comments like these, we are continually motivated that our provision of a traditional ruleset is not only justified, but welcomed by the judo community.
Thank you to all who took part in this event, especially all officials who made this event possible. We cannot wait for the next one.
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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 11:38

End of Year Breakdown

As the end of the year approaches, we take a look back at the successes of our Club throughout 2017. Below is a quick breakdown of what our members got up to throughout the year. Of course, these points do not even get close to demonstrating how hard each and every one of our members have worked. We would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support, effort and passion at the Sobell Judo Club. This year has been truly monumental in the growth of our club. Not only in numbers, but in the quality of judo produced by each and every one of you. Thank you once again.

Next year we celebrate 45 years since our founding and we promise that it will be even bigger and better. Have a superb Christmas and a fantastic new year!

• Sobell Members start the year by storming the podium at the JFAUK London Open.

• 3 judoka travel to Essex for the AEJF ‘Back to the Future Championships’ with Sam Sampson and Karl Summerbell taking Gold, and Sam Charalambous taking silver.

• Members of Sobell travel with the JFAUK team to the Miyazaki Cup in Greece with Sam Charalambous taking Gold and Sam Sampson and Alexis Bardidni taking Silver.

• Sobell travel to Sussex to take part in the Worthing Championships with Gold from Saad and Andreas, a Silver from Mikey and Bronzes from Belarmino, Finn,Elyes, Maciek and Karl.

• Sobell come away with an enormous medal haul from the Kenshiro Abbe Cup in London.

• Phillip Bloom, Sam Sampson and Sam Charalambous travel to Latvia to compete in the CSIT World Sport Games. Sam Charalambous comes away with the Bronze, Sam Sampson finished 5th and Phillip Bloom finished 7th.

• The Sobell Dojo moves from its original dojo of 44 years to a bigger dojo downstairs as a reflection of our growth.

• Sobell Members travel to Greece to take part in the Matsuura international Cup. Sam Sampson, Karl Summerbell, Alexis Bardini and Hannnah Chesham take gold. Sam Charalambous, Lucia Pascali, and Alex Charalambous take Silver.

• Phillip Bloom finishes 3rd in the 2017 Maccabiah Games held in Isreal.

• Sobell return to Sussex for the JFAUK Worthing Summer School. Farid Nemouchi is awarded his 6th Dan for his contribution to judo.

• Sobell return to Essex to compete in the All England Ne-Waza Championships. Sampson and Fionn Rowan take Gold, Mikey Barton, Elyes Rugby and Pedro Carhillo take Bronze.

• Sobell takes a large medal count at the JFAUK National Championships.

• Bob Bushnell and Samuel Betu are awarded their 6th Dans due to their ongoing contribution to judo and the community.

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