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Sobell Judo Club logoSobell Judo Club, is currently in its 40th year of providing teaching and practice of traditional judo and active service to the community. The club has continued to teach and train following a structured educational syllabus to to all students and at the same time offer opportunities in the competitive arena for all levels of judo. The Sobell Judo Club is a members of JFAUK (Judo for All UK), FMA (Federation of Martial Arts ), and the WJF (World Judo Federation)

Since its founding in 1973, by Alan Fromm, Sobell Judo Club has been based in the purpose built dojo, at Sobell Leisure Center in Islington. (see Club History)

From the mid 80's, the club has been run by its current chief instructor, Sampson Sampson, an early student of Sobell Judo Club. He is a highly successful national and international competitor with a career that spans over 38 years. As well as judo, Sampson holds high grades in Kendo, Ikido, Karate and Jujitsu  (see Club Instructors)Sampson SampsonSampson Sampson

Sensei Sampson, is a highly respected judo instructor, currently holding an 8th Dan master grade. He is the founder of the JFAUK (Judo For All UK).

Established in January 2011, it is now the recognised National Governing Body of Traditional Kodokan Judo, in the UK.

The aims and objectives of Sobell Judo Club reflect its strong adherence and emphasis on Traditional Kodokan Judo at all levels, and application of the concept of Judo For All in  the community. The teaching group guided by the chief instructors is made up of a growing team of dedicated, CRB checked and qualified instructors, many of whom are Sensei Sampson's students that hold high grades and follow his teachings.

Ever since its founding, Sobell Judo Club has been independently run and is self financed through membership fees and mat fees for sessions. The club enjoys and is proud of the warm support of its friends and the families that volunteer and support all its activities.

The Sobell Judo Club Friends & Family Association (SJCFFA)

Established in 2009, SJCFFA works closely with the club and it's management to provide support for our projects and in order to carry forward the main aims of the club in promoting Judo and its impact particularly on the youth, beyond the club into schools and the community at large.

Judo For All

The club follows a policy of Judo for All. This is an expression of the belief that the teaching and practice of Judo has an overwhelming, positive impact on the individual and the community. The club is actively engaged in cultivating and encouraging participation in the practice of Judo and is open to collaboration and cooperation with other clubs and institutes to serve this purpose. (see Aims & Objectives)

Sobell Judo Club, currently runs various regular teaching and practice sessions. Participation is to open to all members and non-members irrespective of age, colour, race, gender, class, country of origin, place of residence, language and ability. The club accepts students from the age of 6 years onwards. (See Membership)

Age groups

We cater for three main groups categorised by their age:
(See Practice Times, beginners induction course schedules and Dates & Events )

  • Primary Sessions:for children from age of 6 till 10 years old;
  • Junior sessions: for children from age of 10 till 16 years old; and,
  • Adult Sessions: for all ages above 16 years old.


The club holds regular induction courses every month for each of the above age groups. Each course is run for two consecutive weeks and is compulsory for all novices and beginners.
(See Beginner's Program)

Special sessions

Specially planned advanced sessions or workshops are held as either "open" or "by invitation only" training courses for the more advanced grades, the club's squad and as special events for club members, JFAUK and associate clubs.



The Sobell Judo Club regularly hosts tournaments offering opportunity for primaries, juniors and adults to compete and build up experience as part of their eduction in the judo in a warm and cordial and yet competitive atmosphere. The club actively encourages all students to participate and represent traditional Kodokan judo in regional and national competitions and courses.

Our Affiliations

The Sobell Judo Club is member of the JFAUK (Judo For All UK ), WJF (World Judo Federation) and the FMA (Federation of Martial Arts in UK).

We welcome you all to the world of Judo!

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Sobell Judo Club
Sobell Leisure Centre
Hornsey Road, Islington,
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