Aims & objectives

The primary objective of the Sobell judo club is to foster and develop the study and practice judo along traditional lines as set out by Prof. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. Adhereing to traditional values we remain open minded towards new ideas and inovative methods to further develop the teaching and training in judo.

As a member of JFAUK and the WJF, we gather and depoly all our resources to provide access amd support to all judoka in their journey to further their judo eductaion.

We recognise the rights of all judoka to meet with fellow judoka regardless of their origin, race, gender or religious belief in order to practice, develop and enjoy all the benefits of Judo.

To advance through a structured programme towards judo excellence.

To work with any existing judo clubs and organsiations wishing to advance traditional Kodokan Judo

To provide access to courses, workshops, tournaments at club, area, national and international levels.

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+44 (0)207-607-1607
Sobell Judo Club
Sobell Leisure Centre
Hornsey Road, Islington,
London, N7 7NY, UK


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