Club Rules

Basic rules and guidelines

  1. All beginners wishing to take part in judo will have to take part in the beginner's induction programme which runs for two weeks. 
  2. At the end of the judo induction program all students will need to take out a licence to the JFAUK the National Governing Body for Traditional Judo in the UK. This is complusory becuase it covers your member to member insurance. Without avlid insurance cover no one will be allowed to take part. The membership fee and insurance covers you for one year and will have to be renewed prior to its expiry date.
  3. Visiting Judoka from other clubs, orgamsiations including vistors from abroad must provide proof of insurance from their existing organsitions before being allowed to step on the mat.
  4. The Sobell Judo Club as a fully paid up member of the JFAUK (Judo for all in UK) is obligued to follow the contitution and the rules of JFAUK who are members of World Judo Federation (WJF).
  5. Members of Sobell Judo Club, attending national or international courses and events, represent the JFAUK and as such are obligued to maintain it integrity and ex[ected to conduct themsleves in keeping within the rules laid out by JFAUK. 
  6. Any student who may have been absent from judo for an extended period, may required, for safety reasons to partcipate in the beginner's induction program.
  7. Sobell Judo Club recognises the rights of all judoka irrespective of their affiliation, to practice judo.
  8. A normal mat fee will apply to all practicing judoka. Fully paid up club members will benfit from reduced rates.
  9. Members of the club are expected to participate and provide active support to all club organsied functions and events.
  10. All judoka are obligued to recognise and appreciate the fundamental principals of judo, and its traditions. Sobell Judo club, stricly applies the principals of judo that include "mutual respect and mutual benefit". It follows that all students and masters must afford equal rights to all and are expected to act without prejudice in race, colour, gender, ability or religious belief. Any one person or a group unwilling to accept and practice these fundamental pricipals of judo will be refused permission to practice. 
  11. Sobell Judo club belives that there are fundamental pedagoic reasons to the judo etiqutte and therefore applies all the following as minimum:
    • Rei (bow) before and when leaving the dojo (Judo room).
    • Rei before and after leaving the Tatame (mat area).
    • Rei before and after finishing practice with each other.
    • A formal salutation rei takes place with the instructor and all students before and at the conclusion of each session.
  12. Any arogance, rudeness, verbal abuse or undue care towards instructors or students, by members of the club or visitors will not be tolerated.
  13. In all matters safety comes first.
  14. Hygiene is of the most importance. Finger and toe nails are required to be kept trimmed and short. This is to prevent injury to one self and to your opponent.
  15. The Sobell Judo Club in keeping with traditional judo values and formalities only allows white judogi to be worn by any judoka.

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