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Andreas Kouyialis awarded 1st Dan black belt!

Updated: May 5, 2022

An enormous congratulations goes to Andreas Kouyialis for being awarded his 1st dan tonight after being a student of judo for 28 years!

Andreas was introduced to judo via his uncle - the legendary Ioannis Kouyialis - a prestigious judoka who represented Cyprus at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Andreas soon rose up the ranks in Cyprus eventually qualifying for the Cypriot National Team as a cadet alongside his brothers Elias Kouyialis and Cosantinos Kouyialis. Together, they would often visit the Sobell alongside their uncle to train under the guidance of Sampson for various international competitions.

After taking a break from judo and moving to London, Andreas returned to judo as a senior and has been an integral part of the Sobell Judo club for many years. He has proven himself time and time again at competitions, including international events and as a true mentor to the lower belts at the club.

It has certainly been a journey for Andreas and we cannot be prouder of him. We are sure that wherever Ioannis is watching from, he is watching with pride. Congratulations once again.

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