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Meet your coaches

Sampson Sampson
9th Dan

Head coach Sampson currently leads the teaching philosophy at Sobell. He has extensive competitive experience, formerly representing Cyprus. He is a globally recognised judoka.

Bob Bushnell
6th Dan

Club chairman Bob manages the operations of our club. He also has the important job of getting every newcomer started by leading our beginners induction programme.

Samuel Betu
6th Dan

Former competitor for Congo, Samuel has accumulated extensive experience via his international career and draws on this experience each week to develop our students in the club.

Sam Sampson
3rd Dan

Vice-chairman and active competitor Sam is a regular coach in our senior sessions. He is the 2016 WJF European Champion and currently represents Cyprus on the IJF tour. 

Fahd Dalah
2nd Dan

Since starting judo at Sobell Judo Club in 2011, Fahd has shown an exceptional ability to swiftly grasp techniques makes him pivotal in guiding the junior team's technical and competitive growth.

Nima Akbari
1st Dan

A long term Sobell student Nima Akbari has won a number of medals on the WIJF international circuit. He aids junior classes, contributing to their ongoing development. 

Get Started

Ready to get started with Judo at the Sobell Judo Club? Whether you're an existing judoka or completely new, we'd be thrilled to have you. Get started by selecting an option below.

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