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The Sobell Judo Club London runs comprehensive beginners induction sessions to ensure that each and every newcomer to judo gets off to the best possible start. The sessions run once a month at our London dojo, and take place over two consecutive Wednesdays in conjunction to the regular class. If you have never practiced judo then you are required to take part in an induction before you join the main class. To book a session please visit our induction course time table

PLEASE NOTE: All new students (those who have never done judo before) are required to complete their full induction (2x Sessions for Seniors, 3x Sessions for Juniors) in order to join the main class.

Get a head start and watch our head instructors videos which show how to break fall and how to break someones balance. These are the two key skills you will learn at the induction before you begin throwing!

induction timetable


Please note: All inductions are non-refundable.

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