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Samuel Betu | Judo Instructor

A former national and international competitor, Samuel has accumulated extensive experience in judo training and competition. Samuel began judo at the age of 14 at Mobutu Judo Club Salongo in his home country on Congo. In 1988 he was invited to join the BAZA Judo Club team due to Samuels excellence in competition. In Congo, judo is one of the most practiced sport by the population, so much so, that the TV programme 'Jeudi Shock' (Thursday Shock) featured it in its broadcast. BAZA Judo Club therefore wanted Samuel to represent their team on the broadcast as he stood out as a strong competitor. Samuel's stardom grew and he eventually received his first dan shortly after moving to the club.

In 1990, Samuel moved to Belgium, joining Molenbeek Judo Club before moving to France and representing Paris 14 Arrondissment Judo Club. In October 1995, Samuel made his way to the United Kingdom and joined Kodokan Stockwell before eventually seeking out Sobell Judo Club in 1997 as he was keen to get his children involved with judo. Once at Sobell, he never looked back and has been a member of our team ever since.


Samuels extensive and wide reaching experience of judo enables him to be the perfect judo coach, as he is able to either delve into the science of judo techniques to help beginners understand judo or draw on his competitive experience to bring out the best in any judoka looking to take it to the next level.

Since the founding of the JFAUK, Samuel has actively lead the Refereeing Committee of JFAUK and participated in all seminars and discussion of WJF European Refereeing Committee, playing a key role in the development of the WJF EU Competition Ruleset. Samuel is a highly regarded international referee for the WJF and regularly travels abroad to assist in the running of events.

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