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Sobell succeed at the London Area Development Event

Incredible day today for the Sobell team at the London Area Development event hosted at UEL Sports Dock. Superb judo on display by the entire team!


🥇 Tilly Jacobs, -57kg, D

🥇 Anna Venturelli, -63, C

🥇 Moses Jolayemi, +100kg, A

🥈 Joana Alonso, -57kg, C

🥈 Melina Kouyialis, -70kg, C

🥉 Randy Fioti, -66kg, A

🥉 Lawrence Sarpong, +100kg, B

Also competing was:

⭐️ Michael Simpson, -73kg, B

⭐️ Zak Akhimien, -81kg, B

⭐️ Paul Jacobs, -90, B

⭐️ Roy Ritoban, -90, A

⭐️ Matt Adam, -90, A

⭐️ Mahdi Kolahi-aval, -90, A

All videos available on our Instagram

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