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4x World Champions!

Sobell have just crowned four new WJF World Champions!

An enormous congratulations to the Sobell Judoka who competed at the WJF World Championships which took place at the International Martial Arts Games this weekend in Carrara, Italy. Sobell now have four new WJF World Champions in our ranks, and a further two WJF World Medalists.

Integrated into the International Martial Arts Games, a global festival bringing together ~4000 martial artists from various disciplines across the globe, the WJF World Championships provided a world platform for affiliated judoka to compete for a coveted world medal.

The judo event itself drew judoka from each corner of the globe. Competitors from across Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia descended onto Carrara for the one day tournament.

Medalists from Sobell were:

🥇 Alex Charalambous (-66kg) 🥇 Sam Charalambous (-75kg) 🥇 Lucian Buleandra (-83kg) 🥇Jonathan Coe (-95kg) 🥈 Sam Sampson (-79kg) 🥉 Alexis Bardini (-71kg)

Supporting the team was Sobell coach Samuel Betu who played a key role as a WJF international Referee as well as Sobell head coach Sampson Sampson who was officiating his role as Chairman of the WJF Referee Committee.

Congratulations to the team for obtaining such a great result as such a prestigious tournament.


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