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Return to Judo Update #3

Dear all students,

We are sure you are all aware of the most recent government announcement to push back the return to ‘normal’ day from Monday 21st June to Monday 19th July. Of course, this now means that our return to judo date will be Monday 19th July. Junior return to judo date remains the same (Wednesday 1st September).

As a result of this change of dates, the senior beginner's induction scheduled to take place on Wednesday 7th July will now be rescheduled to take place on Wednesday 21st July. Those who have signed up for this induction will be automatically transferred to the new date. No action is required. If you cannot attend this new date, then please get in touch via and we can move you to a later induction.

Of course, we apologise for the inconvenience however we remain positive that Monday 19th July will remain concrete in our calendars and no more rescheduling will need to take place. As always, you can prepare for your return to judo by studying via

Key dates:

  • Senior judo returns: Monday 19th July

  • Junior judo returns: Wednesday 1st September

  • The July senior beginners induction will now take place on Wednesday 21st July

  • All other beginner dates are on our website.

Sobell Judo Club


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